TRILL on SWISH is a web application for trying probabilistic semantic web reasoning with a web browser on any operating system. It was written by Riccardo Zese and Fabrizio Riguzzi.

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TRILL on SWISH is built upon SWISH that was originally written by Torbjörn Lager as a homage to SWI-Prolog. Jan Wielemaker designed and implemented the present version. The current SWISH application targets primarily at collaborative exploration of data. SWISH can be combined with e.g., CQL to explore relational (SQL) databases or sparkle to explore linked data. A ClioPatria plugin adds Prolog based exploration of RDF data to ClioPatria.

SWISH is a great tool for teaching Prolog. We provide a prototype of Learn Prolog Now! where SWISH is embedded to run examples and solve excercises from within your browser.

TRILL on SWISH extends SWISH. The application can also run on top of the ClioPatria framework.

The TRILL on SWISH source is available from Github. It requires the latest SWI-Prolog installed from GIT.

The SWISH source is available from Github.

TRILL on SWISH is available also as a cpack for Cliopatria. ClioPatria is available here and from Github.

SWISH is described in

The algorithm for probabilistic inference (TRILL) is described in: